Regattas (Away Events)

Varsity athletes will have additional travel expenses when traveling to away regattas. The cost varies depending on the distance traveled and if overnight stays are required. Keep in mind that joining Capital Crew Boosters, which supplements the cost of all away regattas, keeps this cost down!!!

There are several away regattas over the course of the season:

· Wine Country Rowing Classic

· Head of the Port

· Head of the Charles

· Head of the Lake

· Head of the Lagoon

· Fault Line Faceoff

· San Diego Crew Classic

The number of athletes chosen to go to the away events depends upon the event and travel logistics, not just transporting athletes but also transporting the boats. The Aquatic Center registers for the regattas months in advance to secure spots in the event and also makes the travel and lodging arrangements, as needed. The cost for the event varies depending on the distance traveled and if overnight stays are required.

Capital Crew Boosters Club subsidizes the travel expenses partially. Thus athletes are responsible for funding a portion of their expenses to these events. The Boosters also provide financial assistance to athletes who are selected to compete in an away event who are unable to afford the expense. Athletes should let their coaches know that they will need financial assistance at least two weeks before the event and should complete a Travel Expense Financial Assistance Request.

As representatives of Capital Crew, traveling athletes are expected to behave in a manner that is a positive representation of their team. Part of this is their travel uniform. For Varsity Women, the travel uniform is a white polo with three-quarters length sleeve (available through JL, it includes the embroidered program crest and says Varsity on the back), khaki slacks or capris, and a Capital Crew belt (available at the logo wear table at home events). Varsity Men wear khaki slacks, white button-down shirt, Capital Crew tie (available at the logo wear table at home events), and a navy blazer with the Capital Crew logo embroidered on it.

For team- and boat-bonding purposes, the athletes spend most of their time at away events together and with their coaches. There is not a lot of time available to spend with other friends or with family until after the event.

Depending upon the logistics of the event, Capital Crew Boosters provides some of the meals for the athletes. For example, breakfast may be included with the hotel room fee or else Boosters will set up a tent at the venue and provide breakfast items. If racing goes into the afternoon, Boosters provides lunches, usually sandwiches that might be premade or made on site. When there is a location, such as a park, near the venue or hotel and the weather is likely to be good, such as in San Diego, Boosters also provides dinner. When Boosters does not provide meals for the athletes, the athletes are expected to pay for their own food and this is not included in their travel fees to the Aquatic Center. Parents who are at the event are always welcome to volunteer with Boosters for providing the meals. It’s an excellent way to get a sighting of your athlete!