The Value of Capital Crew and Rowing

Many junior rowers or coxswains and their parents are attracted to the sport by its potential benefit in fitness, competition and teamwork. As one young lady said in the video on our website when asked “How has Capital changed your life”, she quickly replied “The Team has become my best friend!” Rowing is also helpful with collegiate admissions.

In regard to this sport being a Road Map into College, the US Rowing site also states:

  • Highly competitive Division I programs actively recruit top junior rowers or coxswains. Coaches can have a tangible impact on admissions as long as the applicant meets minimum academic standards.
  • The conventional wisdom is that both elite and non-elite rowers enjoy certain advantages in the admissions process:
  • In Divisions II and III, all things being equal, many admissions committees try to ensure that they remain competitive in Olympic sports like rowing by having a number of experienced rowers to balance the walk-ons.
  • Non-elite and elite rowers alike benefit in admissions, as the demands of the sport demonstrate discipline, perseverance, time management, teamwork and ability to commit to an activity that generates little applause.

Last year we had more than 60% of the varsity crew athletes commit to row at major universities, with many saying without Capital they would have not even been considered. We’ve also had numerous Varsity Women through the years receive full- and partial-scholarships to a wide variety of colleges, from Sacramento State to Notre Dame to USC to University of Washington to Cal.