We use a few methods to keep our Members informed regarding what is happening at Capital.


This website is maintained by the dedicated volunteers on the Boosters Communications Team. We work hard to keep the information on our website current and useful. We rely on the coaches for much of the information we put here, and as soon as we get it, we try to pass on the info in an organized and predictable way. The Calendar, Schedule and Latest News pages are all examples of our ongoing efforts to share what we know with you through the website.


Our Booster President regularly creates an informative newsletter to keep everyone abreast of current events.  Make sure you are on the newsletter distribution list! Fill out the E-News sign up form to receive the current newsletters.

Follow the archive link below to read the past issues.

Newsletter Archives

Social Media:

We also periodically post information and reminders on our Facebook Page.


TeamApp is another benefit of your booster memberships. After joining the boosters, you will have the ability to download TeamApp and create an account in the Capital Crew Boosters Team on your smartphone. TeamApp combines the information available from various sources into one convenient location on your phone. Members can view race results, photos, and squad schedules all in one place. We also create a chat room for each race where members can send and receive texts from other members. The chat rooms are useful for sharing real time information about things like parking availability, or the best location to watch the races. Be sure to join boosters and take advantage of this extra benefit!