Fees and Dues


2017-2018 Booster Registration Form Only                      Capital Crew Registration Packet

There are two payments you will make at the beginning of each semester, one to the Aquatic Center and the other to the Boosters Club. The expenses are divided between the two organizations based upon the best use of the resources.

The Aquatic Center:

  • Regularly hires coaching, training, and water activity staff
  • Manages the Aquatic Center facility year-round
  • Yearly organizes and hosts major regattas, which includes the resources and staffing to transport equipment.

As a nonprofit, Capital Crew Boosters:

  • Conducts tax-deductible fundraisers, bringing in money beyond the dues, thus allowing the dues to remain reasonable
  • Has sole discretion on how the funds are spent. Capital Crew Boosters Club is able to purchase equipment and dedicate funds for the use of Capital Crew athletes, which would be much more difficult if the funds were comingled in the Aquatic Center general fund.

Fees and Dues:*
$855 per semester = $675 Aquatic Center Fees, $180 Booster Dues.

$730 per semester = $550 Aquatic Center Fees, $180 Booster Dues.

*Athletes are also requested to fundraise for a minimum of $300.

You may pay your Boosters dues by check at the Aquatic Center or at the Hospitality Tent at any home event, pay online now, or pay through the Aquatic Center, either in one payment or as part of a payment plan. Remember to include your signed Boosters Membership form with your payment. If paying online, drop your Boosters Membership form in the Capital Crew Boosters Club mail box in the Aquatic Center office.

We expect all athletes to join the Capital Crew Boosters Club. If your athlete is going out on the water in a boat, using an oar, hearing a coxswain through a coxbox, they are benefiting from Boosters dues money. The success of our Capital Crew athletes depends upon our ability to keep their equipment up-to-date, which depends upon your membership and support. If you have financial hardship, you may submit a request for financial assistance with Boosters Dues.